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We provide our services to your business that meet the highest quality standards.

Financial advisory services

Our Financial advisory consultants are experienced professionals who provide strategic and financial advice for international entities through every phase of the economic cycle. At H.E. Support Mode Technology and Services Ltd, our aim is to combine the knowledge and the experience of our professionals, with pioneering methods to cover every aspect in today’s business environment.

Corporate administration

We have an extensive experience of assisting on incorporation and administration of various corporate vehicles.

Our firm supports organizations undertake due diligence on companies registered in various jurisdictions.

  • General assistance with enquiries received from the authorities
  • Communication with law firms, agents, authorities, and various regulators to handle corporate matters
  • Assistance in performing due diligence and KYC checks on counterparties
  • Assistance with collecting and reviewing KYC documents
  • Assistance and support with completion of KYC forms and/or questionnaires that may be required by financial institutions and/or other parties
  • Assistance on company formation

Banking Solutions

Our company is acting as an introducer to international Banks, providing assistance in the account opening procedure and maintenance of the accounts

  • Due diligence and AML verification
  • Completion of the necessary forms
  • Support after the account opening
  • Set up and management of online banking facilities.

Information Technology

Technology plays a vital role on the businesses which desire to stay ahead of the rivals.

Our technology consultants are perfectly skilled in the Information

Technology industry in order to provide technology solutions.

  • IT Support
  • IT Consulting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Networks

Business advisory and development

Our business advisory and development services assist businesses, offering solutions from an outside perspective. We offer solutions you might not have thought of, giving you the chance to adapt, develop, and grow in the right direction.

Our team us always willing to assist your business needs for grow and development.

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